Thursday, April 23, 2015

Life Is Beautiful

It's so easy to get bogged down by life's pressures, demands, insecurities. The thing I like about meditation is it reminds you look above all that. To remember that life is short and we should live it as we would dream it should be in the here and now.

Meditation doesn't have to be a formal sit-in-this-position type of thing. Simply sitting outside and listening to the birds chirp and the wind whispering in the trees and focusing on the here and now can be a powerful meditation. Taking a stick and drawing nonsense in the dirt can be a meditation. Staring blankly at a beautiful painting or photograph (like in those funny moments where you realize you've been staring blankly inadvertently at a stranger without realizing it...) can be a meditation. Taking a moment on the commute home as you listen to music or the sounds around you to breathe in a moment of peace.

Take a moment today and remember Life Is Beautiful.

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